2017 Presentations from 8th International Symposium

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TRB 8th International Visualization in Transportation Symposium: Visualization in Action

 Held in the National Academy of Sciences Building, July 27-28, 2017




This channel will host presenter's delivering their sessions. The recorded videos are overlaid with the slide content for ease of viewing.

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Tour of Turner-Fairbanks Highway Driving Simulator

Participants in the 8Th International Symposium on Visualization in Transportation are invited to participate in a tour of the Turner-Fairbank Highway Administration Research Center, which is hosted by the FHWA Office of Research, Development & Technology. The tour will be held Wednesday, July 26, 2017 from 9:00am-12:15pm. While there is no cost to participate in this tour, participants are required to register in advance. Participants, who wish to attend, can register at the following link: participants MUST register by NOON, July 21st (no participants will be accepted after 12:00pm EST on Friday, July 21, 2017). Participants will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the facility. 


Laboratories included on the tour include the J. Sterling Jones Hydraulic Research Lab, the Saxon Transportation Operations Lab, and the Highway Driving Simulator.



8th International Visualization in Transportation Symposium: Visualization in Action


July 27-28, 2017

NAS Building

2101 Constitution Ave, NW 

Washington, DC


Organized by
Transportation Research Board

The theme of this Symposium is Visualization in Action. Today’s visualization techniques can reshape the way transportation agencies and companies approach problem solving, make decisions, and communicate with others. The symposium will explore the opportunities and challenges of visualization entering mainstream use in the transportation field while presenting examples of how visualization is transforming the way we work today.



Submitting a Full Paper
Full papers presented at the symposium will be welcome for consideration for publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Transportation (IJT) at no charge. For a paper to be published in the special issue, the full paper must be submitted to by April 30, 2017. Once the author registers for the conference, the papers will be reviewed.
International Journal of Transportation (IJT) is an open access online international electronic journal which is published by Science & Engineering Research Support Society (  IJT provides immediate open access to the public once the paper is accepted.



New NCHRP 226: Data Visualization Methods

Data Visualization Methods for Transportation Agencies Visualizing Transportation Data

TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Web-Only Document 226: Data Visualization Methods for Transportation Agencies Visualizing Transportation Data provides techniques for planners who have various levels of experience with displaying and reporting information in a visual format. The publication includes practices for developing visualization skills, enhancing transportation analysis, and improving public engagement. 
Download Document from this link:
Project: Project Information 
DOI: 10.17226/24755
Project Number: 08-36/Task 128

2017 Mid-Year Meeting

The ABJ95 Mid-Year meeting will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday July 26, 2017 at the NAS building, immediately preceeding the 8th International Symposium.

We are planning on having a field trip to the Turner-Fairbanks research complex to view the full scale automobile simulator that morning. The trip will be limited to ~50 people. More details will follow as plans are confirmed.