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SFMTA Hackathon Produces Data Visualizations

This past fall, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and the Mayor's Office partnered with Hattery to sponsor a transit data and Google Maps hackathon. Out of the event came some stunning new data visualizations and transportation tools.  See what happens when government and innovators get together here.


Visualization Challenge "Hubway"

Challenge Alert!  Can you make an informative yet beautiful data visualization piece of Boston's "Hubway" bike sharing data?  Details here:  Due October 31.


2011 | Show Me the Money

David Steier, Deloitte Analytics Institute

Ideas from visualization in business may provide lessons learned for transportation issues.

Keywords (Tags): Data, analystics, impacts, overview, business, lessons learned

Slide 15: Finding Patterns in Patient Drug Prescriptions shows an excellent example of data visualization providing information that would not likely have been seen. It involved both patients and doctors.


TRB Visualization Committee (ABJ95) Mid-Year Meeting Minutes


Thanks to all who attended the Mid-Year meeting of the TRB ABJ95 Committee on Visualization in Transportation. Click here for a one page summary of the meeting. All documents used for the meeting are available at This one page sheet highlights the action items discussed during the online mid-year meeting held on 8/20/12 from 1 to 3PM. Two presentations provided overview to the strategic plan and how to write a research needs statement (RNS). One weakness about our committee is that the latest RNS submission from ABJ95 was from 2009. Our three areas we will focus our efforts will be:

  • To submit Research Needs Statements
  • Prepare for the 2013 Visualization Symposium – Call for Papers

We encourage all members and friends to participate – and are working on the collaboration tools to help your voice be heard. Anyone can submit a Research Needs Statement, or just suggest a topic. The Call for Papers submission is open – please respond by January 7, 2013.

Frank Broen, TRB Visualization in Transportation Committee Secretary


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