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New Presentations from TRB 2013 Annual Meeting

View these presentations from Session 627 - Reliability: Data, Analytics, and Visualization

Visualizing Reliable Public Transportation Service - Christopher Pangilinan

Visual Analytics for Relibility - Rob Hranac

Probe Data Visualizations for Planning Purposes - John Allen

Symposium Presentations

There are over 100 presentations recorded from previous symposium. Because they are created as flash files, they are not indexed on any search engines. We encourage members and friends to create a separate post for each presentation to enable them to be found via search:

2013 | 7th International Visualization in Transportation

2011 | 6th International Visualization in Transportation Symposium and Workshop

2006 | 5th International Visualization in Transportation Symposium and Workshop

Please include the following information on a post:

YEAR | Title of Presentation (can be abbreviated)


Link (copy url of presentation)


List of Keywords

An option would be to also include a 'gold nugget' - describe a slide (including slide number) that has specifically useful information.

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