The goal of the ABJ95 Committee on Visualization in Transportation is to use visualization to identify and address critical transportation issues of today, and to develop innovative visualization approaches to meet society’s transportation needs of the future. To meet this goal, the committee is further broken down into seven sub-committees. A description for each of these subcommittees is listed below, with a link to a separate discussion page. Please join in the discussion (members and friends are welcome!) to help us meet our committee goals and promote the use of visualization in transportation!

  • System Performance

    The Operations and Preservation subcommittee disseminates effective visualization strategies for transportation modes and system preservation activities.

  • Research

    The Research subcommittee provides answers to the most pressing research problems. The goal for 2012-13 is to create a comprehensive framework of Research Needs Statements about visualization topics. Research Needs Statements will be posted to, and individual Statements can be emailed to

  • BIM for Infrastructure

    The Virtual Design and Construction subcommittee implements and integrates Virtual Design and Construction (VDC - BIM) into the entire transportation planning process, and identify ways to help guide and inform transportation agencies on how to implement the technology.

  • Gaming and Participatory Simulation

  • Outreach

    The Outreach subcommittee makes efforts to position the committee as the central hub of information related to visualization in transportation.

  • Symposium

    The Symposium subcommittee plans and coordinates the Visualization Symposium, encouraging the sharing of knowledge between practitioners, decision makers, and stakeholders.

  • Computational Transportation and Society

    The Computational Transportation and Society subcommittee (Joint with ABJ30, ABJ60, ABJ95) stimulates research on computational, design, and policy innovations needed to integrate transportation to the rapidly transforming ubiquitous information society.